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2009 Empty Stocking Fund

Soon it will be Christmas time once again.  This special time naturally elicits certain emotion and meaning to us all.  Many of us will reminisce with our loved ones over all the wonderful Christmas memories we have shared.  Others will use this opportunity to take stock in our own lives and realize how truly blessed we are.  The Gainesville Jaycees have a wonderful Christmas tradition of our own. One in which we are very proud.  For over 50 years we have organized a community effort that allows the less fortunate children of Hall County to experience the same wonderful joys that we do. With your help the Christmas of 2009 will forever have a special place in many a child’s heart.


Last year we expanded the influence of the Empty Stocking Fund and provided over 500 children with over $100 worth each of necessities and toys. It was the best year we have ever had.  We fully expect that this year will, once again, be the best ever.


We are asking that you join us in this effort.  It is the incredible generosity of the people and businesses of Hall County that makes this work.  All donations are welcomed large and small.


We want to thank you, on behalf of the children of this county, for your willingness to give. All contributions are tax deductible.



For more information on how to donate, contact us, or the Director of Empty Stocking Fund, Chance Jones, at 404-604-6009.

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