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We have prepared this information so that you may better understand the Gainesville Jaycees, and not only what we do for the community, but what we can do for you.  The Gainesville Jaycees was organized in 1945 with two main objectives.  The first objective is to help train young people in the duties and responsibilities of citizenship and leadership.  The second is to promote the welfare of our community through a planned program of civic projects.

To be eligible for membership in the Gainesville Jaycees a young person of good character should be recommended by an existing member, be between the ages of 18 and 39, and be registered to vote.  Potential members usually enter the club as they are beginning their careers.  The Jaycees help these individuals make this transition by giving them opportunities to develop their skills at a young age. 

The Gainesville Jaycees organization does this by:
  • providing opportunities for individual members to contribute to the development and enhancement of the economic infrastructure of our community. 
  • allowing young people to manage civic projects, which gives them experience in a leadership environment.
  • developing the member’s sensitivity to problems in our society and providing experience in solving problems in our community
The purpose of the Gainesville Jaycees is to determine community needs and provide solutions by planning and facilitating community service projects.  While serving the community, our members receive hands-on experience, which enhances their personal growth and the development of valuable leadership skills.  Visit our Community Projects page for a list of community service projects organized by the Gainesville Jaycees to help you understand the special opportunities available with our club.

If you are interested in learning more about the Gainesville Jaycees and how you can become a member, contact Anderson Dunlap at 678-779-5786 or email

Your completed application will be reviewed by the Jaycees Board of Directors at the first regular Board meeting following receipt of your application.  Upon acceptance of your application your responsibilities will include quarterly membership dues of $150.00 and active participation with Jaycees projects, luncheons and socials. Dues may be considered tax deductible and can be billed directly to you or your employer.