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Gut Check

Started in 1997, GUT CHECK was created by the Gainesville Jaycees to teach young men discipline and leadership in a safe and structured high energy environment.  A scholarship program free of charge for the participants, GUT CHECK is held over the course of three days each July.  The program begins on a Thursday afternoon with intense activities and culminates with a graduation ceremony on Sunday morning. 

Beginning in 2017, the young men will be housed in dormitories at the Riverside Military Academy for the duration of the weekend.  Though the activities throughout the weekend vary, they are all designed to teach leadership skills, teamwork, communication and how to better deal with tough situations to achieve goals in life. These activities include rappelling instruction, obstacle courses, individual challenges and team building activities.  In addition to the activities, the young men will also hear from several prominent speakers throughout the weekend.  These speakers often offer a 'been there, done that' aspect to which the participants really connect.  The aforementioned graduation ceremony is a very uplifting experience as the graduates begin to implement the lessons learned from the previous three days as parents, teachers and loved ones look on.

The conclusion of the weekend does not mean an end to the GUT CHECK program.  Follow up activities are done at each middle school throughout the year.  Typically as simple as having breakfast or lunch with the young men, it allows a continuation of the positive influences formulated during the GUT CHECK weekend.  As previously mentioned, GUT CHECK is free of charge for the participants.  The program is funded by the various fundraising efforts of the Gainesville Jaycees, which are supported by local individuals and businesses who understand the benefits this type of program offers. 

This program is as equally rewarding for the Jaycees that support it as it is for the young men who participate.

The 2018 Gut Check program will be held July 19th - 22nd.

For more information, or to apply to attend email us at or call:

  • Recruitment director: Paul Rogers at 678-410-5350
  • Operations director: Cory Cummings at 678-938-5425

Please consider donating to the Gut Check program via the link below. All major credit cards are accepted and you do not need a PayPal account. The link will allow you to make a donation to the Gut Check program for general support or provide funds specifically to sponsor a Gut Check participant.