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Young Man / Young Woman

The Gainesville Jaycees have proudly presented the “Young Man and Young Woman of the Year Award” annually for more than the past 70 years. The annual banquet honors a Young Man and Woman who have been stewards to the community with their unselfish volunteer efforts and civic service.

The services for which they are honored must be performed prior to their 40th birthday. The event includes a presentation of the recipient's accomplishments for which they are honored, gubernatorial proclamations in their honor, and special guests.

The 2019 banquet will be held on Thursday, February 21st at the Chattahoochee Country Club.


You may access the application by clicking here


Charles Thurmond1945
John Black1946
Robert Matthews1947
Elred F. McLeod1948
Gene Bobo1949
Dr. Ed Shannon1950
Carl Lawson1951
John Jacobs1952
James A. Dunlap1953
Sylvan Meyer1954
Loyd Strickland1955
Glenn Gilreath1956
Claude Williams, Jr.1957
James Mathis1958
Jack Prince1959
Robert L. Fowler1960
Graham Hixon1961
Don Kahlson1962
J. Robert Cooper1963
Thomas Sheffield1964
D.P. McGeachy, III1965
John Lackey, Jr.1966
 Don Carter1967
Carl Romberg, II1968
William A. Bagwell1969
Austin Edmondson1970
W. Woodrow Stewart1971
John G. McCormick1972
Nathan Deal1973
Harold Smith1974
Philip Wilheit Sr.1975
Dale Morris1976
Tom Mundy1977
George Jones1978
Ed Cabell1979
Jimmy Faulkner1980
James Mathis, Jr.1981
Wayne Clark1982
Steve Gilliam1983
Joe T. Wood, Jr.1984
Rick Story1985
Jack Hodge1986
Dick Valentine1987
Keith Morris1988
Rich White1989
John Byrne1990
Eddie Staub1991
James Tipton1992
J.C. Smith1993
Jimmy Adams1994
John Vardeman1995
Doug Carter1996
Lee Chapman1997
Mark Alexander1998
Anthony Dye1999
Jody Cooley2000
Gary Funk2001
Chip Frierson2002
Ab Hayes2003
Cooper Embry2004
R.K. Whitehead2005
Allen Nivens2006
Larry Baldwin2007
Mack Vinton2008
Lee Rogers2009
Davis White2010
Brian Daniel2011
Jim Coyle2012
Jimbo Floyd2013
Trey Wood2014
Philip Wilheit Jr.2015
Brett Fowler2016
Drew Echols



Tracy Vardeman2001
Dixie Truelove2002
Maria Calkins2003
Emily Bagwell2004
Heather Hayes2005
Denise Deal2006
Dr. Jennifer Gottsman2007
Elizabeth Baldwin2008
Robyn Lynch2009
Hart Wilheit Payne2010
Kelly Lee2011
Staci Tunkel2012
Melissa Tymchuk2013
Heidi Ferguson2014
Jessica Butler2015
Julia Greene2016
Bethany Magnus2017