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Gainesville Jaycees receive recognition from the Gainesville Police Department

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The Gainesville Jaycees were recognized in early April 2010 for their partnership with and commitment to the Gainesville Police Department. Officer Griggs Wall of the GPD was on hand recently to present a certificate of appreciation to the Jaycees.

Officer Wall explained that his department is responsible for putting on a large gathering of police officers from around the Southeast each year. With tightening budgets across a number of departments, the officers struggled to find support for their meetings.

That's where the Gainesville Jaycees come in.

The Jaycees donated a large number of soft drinks to keep the officers hydrated during their multi-day meetings. Such a donation goes a long way to keep the officers happy and alert during their all-important meetings.

Officer Wall further emphasized to the Jaycees that their support, for each of the last few years, could not have come at a better time. The GPD showed their thanks and appreciation by presenting the club with a plaque commemorating the ongoing partnership.

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